USDA Breeders

Welcome to Our sites’ mission is to provide insight by enhancing the well-being and relationship between pet owners, breeders, and pet stores, through the informational entertainment on this site. We are advocates for the protection, education and marketing of USDA Class A and B Licensed Kennels nationwide.

There are many uneducated people that refer to USDA licensed breeders as “puppy mills”. They believe that a breeder that is licensed with the USDA is a puppy producing factory, a commercial facility that is filthy, where dogs “never touch grass” or “see the sun”. A place where “profits are put above care”. Some claim that USDA licensed breeders and the puppies they raise are the cause of the “overpopulation”. WRONG! knew that the lies regarding USDA licensed breeders was being propagated by the deep pockets of the Animal Rights groups, whose goal was to decimate the purpose bred dog and ultimately all pets. Using many pictures from foreign countries and even hoarder seizures, they spread their lies so far and wide that the general public started believing. After all, “if you tell a lie often enough it become’s truth”.